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By placing your order you agree to the following terms.

You will have a 2 day trial period to evaluate the fit of the saddle. If you are not satisfied with the fit and plan to return the saddle, you must notify us within 48 hours of receipt. If you are satisfied with the fit, please call by the return date to confirm that you are keeping the saddle.

All saddles must be paid for in full by credit card. Saddles returned that meet the criteria listed will be credited by the original method of payment. The shipping fee is not refundable. You are responsible for return shipping.

Please follow these directions while the saddle is out on trial:

  1. The saddle may be girthed up lightly and you may put stirrups on. Cover the stirrup leathers with cotton knee high or tube socks (cut the toe out), or wrap well with plastic wrap. Do not use any abrasive material such as Vetrap.
  2. Be certain that the billet guards cover the girth buckles. Do not put the leathers through the keepers. Keep the ends of the leathers inside the protective covering while you ride.
  3. Wear short riding boots. Do not wear tall boots or half chaps.
  4. Limit your ride to no more than 10 minutes.
  5. Do not clean or oil the saddle while you have it on trial.
  6. Keep the saddle covered and protected at all times. Do not leave it at the barn or in your vehicle.

Saddles returned with excessive wear are subject to usage surcharges. Excessive wear is described as no longer looking new, including but not limited to rub marks on the flaps, scratches in the leather, dings, or cuts in the pommel or cantle.

Any saddle returned with damages or excessive wear as determined by the management will automatically be assessed a surcharge of a minimum of 10% of the price of the saddle.

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